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Apr 30, 2010

Peter Berg Talks FNLS on Podcast on PBS

"In Texas, like many other parts of the country, football is more than a sport; it's a way of life. NBC's television drama 'Friday Night Lights,' shows football as the raison d'etre for the small, fictional community of Dillon, Tx., but its residents also learn that life is about much more than touchdowns. The critically acclaimed series has touched (down) on off-the-field matters like Alzheimer's, alcoholism, infidelity and sexual assault.

At the heart of all of these stories are relationships, and married couple Eric (Kyle Chandler) and Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) act as the show's cornerstone. That relationship is likely to be tested more this season than at any point in the show's past. At the end of last season, Eric discovered he had been fired from his position as coach of the Dillon Panthers' football team. But in a twist of fate, the school district was split in two, and Eric is offered the head coaching job at financially-strapped East Dillon, while Tami is named principal at moneyed West Dillon."

Podcast link can be found by scrolling the article link, above. There's a great picture of Kyle Chandler, as well.

Apr 28, 2010

FNL: Kyle Chandler Turns it on at East Dillon High

Premiering on NBC, Friday, May 7th, 7/8 p.m.

Please don't go to this link if you do not want to be spoiled because spoilers abound. However, this is a very good write up of the Season 4 opener:,0,6392975.story

Let the countdown begin for the NBC premiere of Friday Night Lights!

Apr 26, 2010

Austin Celebration of FNLs Return to NBC

The Statesman, Austin Texas

"Several hundred fans of "Friday Night Lights" (and Texas film and television production) joined cast and crew members of the NBC/DirecTV drama at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar on Sunday night for a celebration of the show's May 7 return.

Following a screening of the fourth season's premiere episode, "East of Dillon," new cast members Michael B. Jordan and Jurnee Smollett fielded questions from attendees. Also on hand were producer/director Michael Waxman and producer Nan L. Bernstein.

One answer we didn't get was what will happen after Season 5. With the fulfillment of NBC's deal with DirecTV that kept the show on the air for the past several seasons and star Kyle Chandler's courting by Fox for its dinosaur drama "Terra Nova," the lights will likely be shut off at the end of that season, which is currently filming."

To go along with the wonderful first-hand accounts (below) from two of our own, resident Kyle Fans, there is a wonderful picture of Kyle Chandler in this article. Click it to enlarge.

Apr 24, 2010


I went to Austin to film a football game for Friday Night Lights. In one word, I can sum up the entire evening... AMAZING!!!! Our call time was 5:30 so we left San Antonio around 3:30 to dodge rush hour traffic. We got to set about 30 minutes early. We had a major chance of some severe weather and I had my phone doppler working in overtime. The air was sticky and muggy so it was evident that the dryline was setting up to the west. I love that feeling, but was concerned about the storms turning tornadic and us not having a place to take cover....

After signing in and taking care of all that stuff, we ate some dinner and waited at base camp to be called to the stadium. Everyone was in good moods. It wasn't a huge shoot so it was a lot more relaxed than a lot of other shoots I have been on.

We got called to the East Dillon stadium, a first for me. Talk about a very huge transition from West Dillon to East Dillon. That stadium...just wow.

Between setups on films, there was times we were just hanging out. Loriann and I walked below the bleachers... There was Kyle with his daughter and his dog. I knew that was probably our chance to get to talk to him. I wanted to at least one more time in case this was my last time to film. Kyle saw us and came over. He hugged Loriann and they talked about her surgery coming up. I chickend out and only shook his hand, but that's okay because I was there with him. I told him that we had met before, I was Jessie from Lubbock. He smiled and said it was good to see me again. I informed him that this too, was probably my last time to be on set. He asked why. I told him I was going to school. He flashed me a sly smile and asked "Where?" Almost like he knew, being that I was from Lubbock and all. I told him Tech and he approved. So I got a stamp of approval from Kyle to go to Tech. :-P His daughter was adorable too. She asked me if I had to go to school on Saturday's and when I told her yes, her eyes got huge and she just could not believe it. We also petted his dog and it was soaking up a lot of attention too.

We told him goodbye and he said, "Maybe we can come back for 13 more for you guys." I think he was meaning 13 more seasons. That would be cool in some ways. :) We went back up in the stands and I had one eye on filming and one eye on the sky. The storms weren't forming yet, but I knew they would.

Connie Britton (Tami Taylor), Brad Leland (Buddy Garrity), and the woman who plays Mindy Riggins got seated in the stands. We got moved down the row to sit right below them. We chatted with Connie and Brad. Connie was commenting on the weather and we showed her the doppler on my phone a few times. She was geniunely concerned for all of us extra's getting wet. When they wrapped them, she even told us bye and hoped we'd be okay. Brad thanked all of us as well. They were so kind.

After doing more filming, the storms were getting closer. The wind shifted west and feeded into it. It also got cooler. Then, the wind randomly picked up and they sent all of us to a hotel near set. We had to sit down in an area and wait. They fed us Subway and we just chilled for awhile. I checked over the dopplers and it was just too unpredictable to tell what was going to happen. They then sent us out on the field again. As we were walking back, a huge cluster of lightning lit up the sky. I was like, seriously? We can't film on an open field with metal and electrical equipment around us. No sooner than I thought that, Jacob and Tony, the PA's, said we were wrapped for the night.

If this was my last filming, I can say that I'm leaving satisfied. I got to talk to Kyle one last time and tell him my goodbyes. Filming was relaxed and fun and I got to see some friends I have made on set. What a great time. I'm truly blessed! :)

Oh what a night........

Jessie Tate and I were background extras last night on FNL. It was a great night. All day, we had been hearing about the possiblity of severe weather happening while we were filming. So between our rain boots and ponchos and Jessie's interest in all things meteorological, we were as prepared as can be.

We got to the set with about a half hour to spare and the mood was awesome. a lot of the old timers had been booked for that night and there were lots of hugs all around. It was humid outside and thought it was still clear, you could feel things building out there.

After doing all the stuff we needed to, to get checked in and after eating some dinner, we finally went out onto the field. Our family was seated pretty much front and center. I wasn't feeling the greatest, physically, last night, so I was going from dozing to having to get up and move around as much as I could.

During one of these times i was walking around, Jessie and I saw Kyle Chandler. We caught his attention and he came over and gave me a hug and I told him that this would be so long for a while, as i was having surgery over the next few weeks. He asked what surgery and looked concerned as i told him. Jessie came up then and shook his hand and told him that this would likely be her last time filming as well. He asked her why and she replied that she was going to school. Kyle asked Jessie where she was going and she replied Tech.  Kyle nodded and seemed to approve, which is a good thing, because how disappointing would that be if Kyle was not supportive of anyone going to Texas Tech? Kyle's daughter chimed in and was asking about her going to school on Saturdays like it was a foreign concept!! Jess said, yeah that people go on Saturdays and Ii said that if she was lucky, she could so some classes online and stay home in her bunny slippers.

After a few minutes, I pulled Kyle aside and told him that I had heard about his Pilot opportunity and i knew that he was going to have to make some tough choices for him and his family over the next few months. I told him that I would be praying for him and his family that they would make good decisions that they would be happy with. He looked touched and then smiled and said that he would just throw darts.

We went back to the stands and just relaxed while they were setting things up. It was the first game of the seasons and we were so happy to be there, but we were all mindful of the approaching weather and were curious about how things would be handled.

A little while later, Connie Britton and the young lady who plays Mindy Riggins were escorted into the stands. One of the P.A.s took a look at our family and moved us right below and next to the two of them. We got to talk to Connie, Stacie and brad for quite a while between scenes. Connie was concerned about the weather and we spent time talking about Texas' weird weather. All the while, the storms were getting closer and stronger.

We filmed for a few more hours, then were were told to change and move over to the other side of the field. While we were setting up, Jacob, one of the P.A.'s told us that if it were to rain, we would evacuate to a bunker on set. The show was trying to film as fast as they could. They were laying down and pulling up track as fast as they could and were rushing through scenes, trying to race against the weather. After a while, it was obvious that the weather had the upper hand.

 The wind started blowing and the rain starting coming down and before we knew it, we were grabbing are stuff and running to this so called bunker. we ended up going into the Quality Inn and sheltering there for a little bit. While we were there, they fed us Subway and we were able to access WiFi, which helped us all keep up with the weather. The weather wasn't really bad at that point. It was really windy and spitting rain, so Jacob told us we were going out onto the field.  We were walking back to our places when we saw this far off flash of lightning and just like that we were wrapped.

I have never seen production move so quickly. After we were organized in lines where we needed  to be, we were out of there within 15 minutes from wrap time. we saw some lightning coming home, but honestly, I think this was a case of a whole lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.  It was the first game of the season, and possibly my last for a good long while and I feel like it was quite the adventure and a good way to go out.
Clear eyes, full hearts....

Apr 19, 2010

Kyle Chandler Eyed for Fox Drama

"Kyle Chandler may be closing in on his first post-Friday Night Lights gig.

The actor has been made what one source describes as a “very lucrative offer” to headline Terra Nova, Fox’s big budget pilot from producer Steven Spielberg and Peter Chernin.

Brannon Braga (Star Trek/24/FlashForard) has been brought in to serve as executive producer/showrunner on the project, which centers on a futuristic family that travels back to a time when dinosaurs roamed free. I’m told a 13-episode pickup is a foregone conclusion at this point.

Chandler, who has been fielding numerous TV offers, is currently shooting FNL’s fifth and (likely) final season."

If true, we hope this is a really well developed, Sci Fi series (which FOX can do very well), as Kyle deserves the absolute best ... and so do we, Kyle Fans.

NBC Advertises Season 4 Premiere

The link below will take you to the current video advertising Friday Night Light's season premiere on Friday, May 7th, 7/8 p.m.

Tell everyone you know to watch. Season 4 ranks up there with Season 1 in quality and drama. Can't wait for May 7th!

Stars Align For Beyond The Lights Charity Event

News 8, Austin:

Kyle Chandler and Brad Leland gave a really nice interview, promoting their upcoming charity event:

Apr 17, 2010

The Heart of Dillon

Beware, as there are Season 4 spoilers contained in this article. which is linked, below. But it contains some of the best character descriptions we've seen:

"... Kyle Chandler’s Eric is a man of few drawled words, capable of locker room eloquence when necessary, but often preferring to communicate sparsely and directly. The beauty of the character is his eyes; Chandler’s dark brows and thousand yard stare show his inner dialogue better than any voice-over could hope to express. When Tami makes a surprising revelation at the end of season one, those furrowed brows leap up in amazement while the eyes suddenly flash; it is only a moment later that the last domino falls and his smile breaks out, but his face is already grinning."

'Thousand yard stare.' We agree! Kyle's ability to emote volumes sans the need to utter a single word of dialog has made Coach Taylor one of the most compelling characters on TV today. We've noticed those eyes, as well.

Apr 13, 2010

Vote for Friday Night Lights!!!

"The third round voting has ended and it was the closest voting yet! In the beginning of the week, the majority of the remaining top seeds were in danger of going down, including the #1 overall seed Lost. But by the end of the week, they had all mostly survived another round. All of the #1 seeds are still alive, as are the remaining two #2 seeds. However, two more #3 seeds did go down in this round.

... Finally, the NBC Region also had 1 upset. Although, it was the #14 Bones over the #11 Gossip Girl, so that wasn’t much of an upset. But #1 Dexter and #2 Friday Night Lights both had easy times with their opponents. House also had a relatively easy time with 30 Rock, but this was the closest matchup from this region."

Go here to vote:

And here to see the standings:

How did we not know about this? Go and vote!!! FNLs will need fan help for the next round. Let's get our favorite show some good press. :)

Premiere of "Morning" - San Francisco

"Readers of San Francisco Luxury Living are invited to attend the world premiere of “Morning,” a new feature film written and directed by Leland Orser, on Monday April 26, 2010.

What: Worldwide premiere of “MORNING”
Where: Sundance Kabuki Theatre, 1881 Post Street, San Francisco
When: Monday, April 26, 2010. 6:15 pm.
Tickets: $12.50 each at or (925) 866-9559

Produced by Todd Traina and Minor Childers, and starring the powerhouse acting talents of Jeanne Tripplehorn, Laura Linney, Leland Orser, Elliott Gould, Julie White, Kyle Chandler, Jason Ritter and Charlie McDermott, this emotionally rugged film explores the life of an affluent suburban couple in the aftermath of their child’s death."

We can't wait for more news on this film!

Apr 11, 2010

Gridiron Heroes Hosts Friday Night Lights Premiere

"Gridiron Heroes will host the season four premiere of the Emmy Award-winning television series Friday Night Lights on Saturday, April 24, 2010 from 6pm-10pm at the JW Marriott-San Antonio Hill Country. In addition to the exclusive screening, a V.I.P. cocktail reception and auction will be presented by Honorary Chairman Red McCombs. Tickets for the V.I.P. reception and screening as well as individual and corporate sponsorships are available at Proceeds from the event will benefit the Gridiron Heroes Spinal Cord Injury Foundation."

A wonderful cause close to the hearts of Kyle Chandler, Brad Leland, Peter Berg, and many others associated with Friday Night Lights.