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Feb 3, 2010

Will NBC Get the Joke?

Olympic Unintentional Comedy:

"With the Winter Olympics just a week away, one of the only times to be overtly patriotic in an obnoxious way is upon us. But for all the pride both Olympic Games fill us with, they are also major suppliers of unintentional comedy. While you’re watching over the next few weeks, watch out for these events, most of which will occur more than once.

... 5. NBC airs a promo for “Friday Night Lights”: Oh wait, it won’t, because NBC is full of heartless bastards. This is less funny in a “haha” way and more funny in “I will bang my head against the wall” way."

That's right, NBC. We DARE you to really promote Friday Night Lights before airing in its new time slot beginning March 30th.

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