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Feb 2, 2010

Must See TV Unseen by Emmy Voters

'Friday Night Lights,' 'The Wire' ignored by Acad

... "Notably, critics have had no trouble identifying such quality, and both programs share another rare attribute -- namely, that such adulation played a significant part in keeping them alive. After awhile, each series became the sort of prestige commodity that's not expected to generate big ratings, which proved creatively liberating and made them even better."

... "The main frustration vis-a-vis "FNL" has been that the series has garnered scant attention for an element that should be universal: quite simply, the best marriage ever featured within a TV show. The central couple played by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton are loving, playful and sexy, yet also not immune to sparring about everything from child-rearing to money issues. Lip service is often paid to "family values," but here's a program that genuinely captures the value of family -- frequently by bringing the Taylors and other caring adults into the lives of teens lacking such role models."

Boy, don't we know it. Please, everyone tune in to FNLs on NBC on Friday, March 30th. Check your local listings for time.

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