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Jan 7, 2010

Waiting & Waiting for Friday Night Lights

Excerpts from a Tennessee freelance writer and weekend columnist, waiting and waiting for Friday Night Lights to air on NBC:

"Call it desperation, or maybe an affliction. But last night I watched excerpts from last season of "Friday Night Lights" on I think I've seen the three-minute scene where Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) makes his case to keep his job to the Dillon school board a dozen times ...

My wife says I have a "man crush" on Kyle Chandler. I'm probably not alone. Chandler's turn as the coach seems like a role made for him, the role of a lifetime. It helps that he's got a real Southern accent, not something manufactured in a New York acting workshop, and effortless charm. And Coach T. is the show's hero. Sure, he's got his flaws, but he's honest, true to his wife, enjoys his work, and exudes toughness and compassion for the kids who play for him and look up to him.

Sure, he might have gotten canned recently and sent to the dingy side of Dillon to resurrect football. But, who doesn't want to grow up to be an Eric Taylor?"

Many Kyle Fans feel his pain. Good to know we're not the only desperate, afflicted fans.

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