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Jan 25, 2010

Friday Night Lights, Psychoanalyzed

Psychology Today: Unraveling Mind Through Film

"... As supporting evidence of this positive psychological contagion, consider a factoid from a recent PBS special on happiness: the happy mental state of a person three degrees removed from you (your friend's friend's friend) can impact your mental state. Friedman suggested that a father was enough to stop a terrorist. "Friday Night Lights" takes this notion and runs with it. This show says, imagine that terrorist's father running for mayor and "fathering" an entire community - mental health and stability would spread like wildfire. Just ask Tim, Matt, Smash and Tyra.

Recommendation: The rich characters, sharp writing and complex issues will make you smarter as well as more entertained." ...

This fascinating article on 'positive institutitions' in our society selected our favorite show and analyzed it, in terms of a previous article on 'raising a terrorist" and the values of a local force that might turn the tide. And then, it highly recommends tuning in.

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