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Jan 10, 2010

Breaking TCA 2010 News

Friday Night Lights Season 4 Could be Back on NBC as Early As March

"THE SKINNY: With THE JAY LENO SHOW in prime-time officially cancelled, it now leaves NBC with five hours of programming a night to fill starting March.

Of course, sitting on the bench is the fourth season of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS which, Jeff Gaspin, NBC Universal Chairman of Television Entertainment, said could come back while speaking at today’s Winter TCA press tour.

“I believe it’s available as soon as March 1 and LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, we have some episodes from last season we can put on, and one’s from the new season will have to wait until USA takes their run.”

(Note: TCA stands for Television Critics Association.) Please NBC ... This time, publicize the heck out of Friday Night Lights before airing, and you won't be disappointed in ratings. Season 4 has demonstrated absolute excellence in television programming! There are numerous press headlines to choose from which hail the excellence of this outstanding show.

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