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Dec 10, 2009

Winnipeg Free Press: FNLs in Ten Top TV Shows of Decade

"Friday Night Lights" (started 2006) - Perhaps nowhere did America seem more real in the past decade than in Dillon, Texas, where residents confronted the Iraq war, racism and unemployment as they cheered on their beloved Panthers. The documentary style of "FNL" offered up a startling authenticity, transporting viewers to pungent locker rooms, rundown houses and the local Applebee's. But it was the superb cast that elevated this hour-long drama into something truly special. Zach Gilford was a marvel as gawky rookie quarterback Matt Saracen, while Kyle Chandler, as coach Eric Taylor, could convey volumes with a single exasperated look. And his relationship with wife Tami (Connie Britton) gave us one of the most realistic marriages ever portrayed on TV.

And the accolades keep on coming!

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