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Dec 25, 2009

Some Texas Love ...

"In a crazy year marked by change, economic hardship and uncertainty, television didn't teeter. It delivered some of the most creative and compelling shows of the decade.

Strong dramas saw characters leaving comfort zones and forced to start over; in the process, they became even stronger ...

"Friday Night Lights" (DirecTV's 101 Network/NBC): Texas is always getting a bum rap on TV, but this is one depiction that does the state proud. The fourth season is all about change, transition, starting over. Some beloved young characters left; other high school grads remained, but are unsure of where their future lay. New faces entered and made you care in no time flat. Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) started a new football team from scratch in a school that not only was much poorer economically, but full of racial strife. The results have been superlative drama. Each time I take in one of those scenes, full of faltering speech and long silences, the tears flow. "Friday Night Lights" — which was picked up not just for a fourth, but a fifth season, thanks to the economic hand extended by DirecTV — is the main reason I keep hugging my satellite, refusing to let it go."

Taking nothing away from Texas, this show does the nation proud.

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