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Dec 2, 2009

No Dry Eyes In Dillon

(Warning: There are spoilers in this post, but we'll not be posting them here. The link below; however, provides the full article including the spoilers.)

The Daily Review
By Matt Roush

It’s a natural impulse after screening an outstanding episode of a favorite show to want to shout about it long and loud. But Friday Night Lights in its current situation presents a special challenge. A significant number of this enduring show’s fans don’t have access to it during its exclusive DirecTV run—which continues in season 4 through Feb. 10—and will have to wait until NBC decides to air the new episodes (which may not be until the season is over, possibly in summer, since we know how cluttered with hits NBC’s current schedule is).

All of which makes writing about anything that happens this season something of a perpetual “spoiler alert” for much of the fan base. And yet.

As anyone familiar with this show knows, every so often during a season an episode comes along of such wrenching emotional power that it must be cheered, saluted, embraced, acclaimed. This week’s episode, “The Son,” is just such a standout. Without going deep into its story content so as not to spoil it, let’s just say this is the best work Zach Gilford has done as long-suffering Matt Saracen since season 2’s meltdown in “Leave No Man Behind” (when Eric tossed him in the shower and Matt came clean about his feelings of abandonment).

... At the very least, this is another reminder of how maddening it is that actors who are making the most of their roles of a lifetime like Gilford, Chandler, and Britton have been so unfairly ignored at awards time. (You’d think SAG might take notice.) Still, what a miracle that this show is still around to work its magic, this week with maximum impact.

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