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Dec 2, 2009

Kyle Chandler's Grey's Anatomy Role Still Memorable

BoD: Top Eps from Shows Outside the Top 50

By Cory Barker and Adam Lukach

Tomorrow, we bring you our top 50 television programs of the decade, but there are obviously a number of good ones that didn’t quite make the list for various reasons. So here are 20 programs you won’t find on our list tomorrow and just to spice it up, we’ve included the best episode of each. Hopefully, this list gives you an indication of what did make our top 50 – and maybe even angers you a little bit.

“Grey’s Anatomy,” “It’s the End of the World” [Part One] “As We Know It” [Part Two]

The decade’s most popular medical drama was simply toiling away on Sunday nights before ABC gave it the post-Super Bowl slot in 2006. This one had a ridiculous premise – guy with a piece of homemade ammunition inside him – but thanks to powerhouse performances from Ellen Pompeo and guest star Kyle Chandler, this was the moment that hooked a slew of viewers to Shonda Rhimes’ brand of quirky, melodramatic writing.

To which we concur: Wow. And what a performance!

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