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Dec 4, 2009

How Will NBC Change Under Comcast Ownership?

A bunch of scenarios are explored in this article, and the future of Friday Night Lights was specifically addressed. The article outlines ...

Some possible changes to look out for:

A second chance for 'Friday Night Lights.' Comcast might have secondary motives for giving 'Friday Night Lights' another shot besides their interest in sports programming: for the last several months, the company has been feuding with DirecTV over that distributor's refusal to agree to a rate increase for carrying the Versus network. Since 'Friday Night Lights' has been airing on DirecTV's The 101 Network for the last two seasons, Comcast may decide it can find a better address for the acclaimed series -- back on prime time where it belongs.

Nothing would make us Kyle fans happier, so long as the network promotes the show for both ratings and long overlooked (and overdue) industry awards. Simply THE best show on television today ... and as Coach Taylor is the heart of the show, Kyle Chandler's portrayal is a huge reason why.

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