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Dec 16, 2009

Golden Globes: Upsets and Oversights

... The Golden Globe TV nominations are always a mishmash of the predictable and the weird. For every unsurprising 30 Rock nod, there's one that makes us scratch out heads in confusion. (Hello, Cougar Town.) But even as the Globes surprise us with its strange choices, the awards can still miss out on some shows deserving of recognition. Take a look at the upsets and oversights of the 2010 Golden Globe TV nominations.

* Friday Night Lights Fumbles

What will it take for the major awards shows to finally recognize one of the best dramas on television? Friday Night Lights is well written, well acted and it makes us cry at least 10 times a season. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton were both shut out of the acting categories, despite their subtle, nuanced performances, and, most shocking, even Zach Gilford didn't get recognized for his incredible portrayal of Matt Saracen.

This representative GG's article pretty much echoes our sentiments. A GG omission for Friday Night Lights, its phenom cast, writers, and crew does not diminish one iota its other recent awards and nominations for its memorable fourth season.

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