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Dec 27, 2009

Best TV Shows of 2009

"The past 12 months have offered an enormous array of exhilarating or challenging television, and this list only offers a small indication of how rich the bounty was this year. You'll no doubt disagree with some of my choices - the point of lists, I often think, is to provoke lively debate. But I'm grateful that we have so much to argue about.

Friday Night Lights

Few shows are more skilled at using silence. FNL recognises that sometimes words aren't necessary and that life's big truths are often too hard to articulate anyway. During this time of economic uncertainty, innovative financing - via a partnership between DirectTV and NBC - means there will be five seasons of this small-town drama. Thus Friday Night Lights is not only a miracle of organic film-making and acting, it's a symbol of hope for the future of TV."

Here, here!

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