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Dec 11, 2009

Best in the 00's in TV: Best Dramas

TV with Alan Sepinwall, NJ Star Ledger:

"Friday Night Lights" (NBC & DTV The 101 Network, 2006-present): "This is not just about football," Texas high school coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) told one of his players in a recent episode. That’s a mission statement for the series, which is about community, and family, and race, and love as much as it’s about pigskin. Few shows are as willing to so directly confront the emotions of its characters, aided by central performances — as one of TV’s most realistic and loving couples — from Chandler and Connie Britton. Every week it travels to a desperate, desolate West Texas town and finds untold beauty and strength in the people who live there.

What's so nice about this "Best Of" is that it provides clips for each show, including some of FNL's finest.

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