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Sep 9, 2009

Back-to-School Means Back to COOL!

There's something great about this time of year, right?

It may be (or may not) be calm in your household, but over in Dillon things are no doubt in a frenzy. When I think about the fact that FNL is filming again, the characters sort of come alive to me. No, I'm not crazy, I just wonder what the future will bring for the Taylors.

So many questions. This may seem cryptic but I'm protecting our KyleFans from other countries who are way behind due to syndication.

1) Will Coach be able to adjust to the hand he has been dealt?

2) Will his new rival be sportsmanlike, or are we going to get to see another locker room wall slam?

3) Are you looking forward to meeting some new characters that will undoubtedly surface?

Let us know what you think!

1 comment:

  1. I'll play. :) These are just a guess on my part.

    1) No. The District (in a recession) won't allow him or Tami to adjust to anything.

    2) It will be another locker wall slam. East and West Dillon will become the new cross town rivals.

    3) I'm game for new blood so long as The Taylors remain the center of the FNLs universe with Coach Taylor heading up the cast.

    I can't wait to see Coach Taylor in his new Lions uniform and a surely re-edited opening theme!!!!