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Mar 10, 2009

Oh, please let this happen!!!!!!

"It's not quite a touchdown yet, but at least they're near the end zone.
Sources confirm to me exclusively that NBC is engaged in active talks with DirecTV to extend their unique shared-window experiment with Friday Night Lights. But there's a catch -- and it's a good one. According to an insider close to the negotiations, DTV and NBC might only seal the deal if they can get – holy Connie Britton Taylor! -- a two-season pickup.
Though a spokesperson for NBC Universal declined to comment, a Peacock insider acknowledges that the studio is "actively looking at ways to keep FNL going." Another NBC source adds, "We're very optimistic a deal will be worked out."
The one possible complication? The show's behind-the-scenes quarterback, Jason Katims, is attached to NBC's buzzy Parenthood pilot. If it's picked up, he would either do double duty or be forced to make a choice. Similarly, the show's go-to director, Jeffrey Reiner, is helming NBC's Trauma pilot. FNL might be able to carry on without one of its MVPs, but both? Hmm…
But maybe it's too soon to be wringing our hands over changes to the lineup. Once we have a pickup under our belt, then we can worry about such things. And while we wait for the official word, let's show NBC and DirecTV what a wise decision they would be making by keeping FNL alive by sounding off below."

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