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Mar 27, 2009

Done Deal!


Friday Night Lights Renewed for Two More Seasons! Yay!
Kat Angus
Published: Friday, March 27, 2009

Here's some happy news to start off your weekend: as rumoured a few weeks ago, the critically-acclaimed but low-rated Friday Night Lights has indeed been renewed for not one but two seasons. Go Panthers!

TV Week reports that NBC and DirecTV have chosen to continue their FNL partnership, ordering another two seasons of 13 episodes each. Just as with Season 3, the episodes will first air on DirecTV before later airing for a wider audience on the peacock network.

The renewal is somewhat bittersweet, however, as Friday Night Lights will be losing two of their cast members, Minka Kelly and Adrienne Palicki. At the end of last season, both of the actresses' characters were off to college, so the first few episodes of Season 4 will focus on tying off their storylines and saying goodbye, similar to the wrap-up episodes for Jason Street and Smash Williams in Season 3.

But hey, if that still means another 26 episodes of Kyle Chandler kicking ass and looking totally hot, we're willing to make some sacrifices.

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