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Feb 2, 2009

Photos From Superbowl Sunday

Not only did the Steelers win yesterday, but we also won!

Check out the new photos of Kyle at the NBC Superbowl Sunday event in Tampa FL - they have been added to our Gallery -Thanks Loriann!

If you find any more please pass the along to us on the Forum.

BTW I really did a double take and had to check to make sure these were new photos - looks like he's wearing the same shirt he had on at the NBC "An Evening with Friday Night Lights" event from last year. Although this blazer appears to be black, while the other one was navy.

I know what you're thinking. You can stop rolling your eyes now.



  1. Actually, It's the same shirt that he wore the night of the San Antonio screening!!

  2. It's such a comfort knowing I have a worthy co-pilot, helping me diligently to steer this Insanity Bus. SMILE. xo