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Jan 27, 2009


I've been posting all articles I can find to our Press section, but read this excellent question from a fan of FNL and E-Online. Kristen has been a big supporter of the show since Day One aand her reply to this query seems positive.
Let's hope she's right!

Caro in Hamburg, Germany: The last wonderful episode of the amazing Friday Night Lights on DirecTV felt a whole lot like a goodbye. It was the season finale, wasn't it? Any news on the show's future?

It was the season finale, yes, but it was also the setup to a killer season four, if you ask me. I cannot wait to see what Coach Taylor does with the ragtag East Dillon Giraffes! As for a new season, FNL boss Peter Berg tells us he's very optimistic: "I always predict another season for Friday Night Lights, because they keep saying that we're going to be killed and we never are. So we continue. We continue to fight on."

Clear eyes, full hearts, you know the rest...

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