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Jan 30, 2009

It's Friday, do you know where...

...your TV is?


Go to it and set a reminder, pre-set your PVR (as if you haven't already) because tonight is a big night. Episode 3 of Season 3 has a lucky ring to it, dontcha think? This is also a crux in ratings counting, a night when the networks will really be looking for some numbers form us viewers.

So come on, let's give it to them.
Let's show them we're the best, most dedicated fans.
Let's show them we've got the kind of impact to keep this show in the air.

Darn, where's Coach Taylor when I need him for a good old pep-talk?
Stay focused people.

Keep doing what you're doing. Talk about the show, share photos and articles with people, continue spreading the word.

You know the drill.

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