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Jan 24, 2009

Hello from Texas...

Hi, I'm Loriann and I'm one of your Co-Admins. I live in San Antonio Texas. I have had the rare privilege of not just meeting Kyle Chandler, but also seeing him do what he does best in person, while filming Friday Night Lights. The first time I met him was with my kids while filming early in the second season. I found him to be gracious, down to earth and almost shy, as he took time to talk to my kids and myself.

I thought that would be it for meeting him, but over the next year, I've been blessed to run into the man on a sort of regular basis on the set. Most recently, I saw him at the FNL screening in San Antonio last week. I got a hug!!! It was so cool as a fan, to get a hug from my favorite actor. As a person, I was blessed to get a hug from someone who's pretty awesome.

It's been a way different experience, just as precious, but so different. I've gotten to see Kyle seamlessly morph into Coach taylor. I've gotten to talk to Kyle about silly inconsequential things such as GPS's, wrestling pigs how gorgeous the weather is. I've heard him joke around between scenes, make fun of his leading lady, drive off the set with the director chasing after him and even show us all his food after he's chewed it.

And you know what? He's really nice. No celebrity airs about him. He's just this really sweet normal, okay, maybe not quite normal(hello, no thanks, we don't want to see your food. LOL!) person who's living his dream. He loves his family. He brings his dog to the set and is just so happy and well adjusted that his attitude is contagious.

As big of a fan that I am of the actor, I admire the person so much more.


  1. Tune into FNL every Friday night on NBC and you can (most likely) catch our own Loriann in action. Did you watch last night? Nurse Loriann was there, doing her thing.

  2. yeah, when they casted me as a nurse, I asked if i'd be doing a physical on Coach Taylor. sadly, the answer was no. Oh well, maybe next season!!!