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Jan 31, 2009

Kyle is in Tampa FL this weekend!

As if you Tampa fans didn't have enough going on in town this week...

Britton Blogs!

Connie Britton a.k.a Tami Taylor blogged on the EW last night! I absolutely love reading the insiders' reports on an episode and being on the show in general.

She produces such gems as:

"Let's start at the beginning, where we have our white trash section of Dillon...the strange amalgam of the Riggins brothers, and the Collette women."


"Any scene that starts with, "I don't give two farts about the booster's anxiety" is okay by me."

She's awesome! Check it out here:

Jan 30, 2009

It's Friday, do you know where...

...your TV is?


Go to it and set a reminder, pre-set your PVR (as if you haven't already) because tonight is a big night. Episode 3 of Season 3 has a lucky ring to it, dontcha think? This is also a crux in ratings counting, a night when the networks will really be looking for some numbers form us viewers.

So come on, let's give it to them.
Let's show them we're the best, most dedicated fans.
Let's show them we've got the kind of impact to keep this show in the air.

Darn, where's Coach Taylor when I need him for a good old pep-talk?
Stay focused people.

Keep doing what you're doing. Talk about the show, share photos and articles with people, continue spreading the word.

You know the drill.

Jan 28, 2009

Visit our photo gallery...

for pics from The Day The Earth Stood Still, coutesy of our own Charly! Thanks, charly for sharing your photos with us.

Jan 27, 2009


I've been posting all articles I can find to our Press section, but read this excellent question from a fan of FNL and E-Online. Kristen has been a big supporter of the show since Day One aand her reply to this query seems positive.
Let's hope she's right!

Caro in Hamburg, Germany: The last wonderful episode of the amazing Friday Night Lights on DirecTV felt a whole lot like a goodbye. It was the season finale, wasn't it? Any news on the show's future?

It was the season finale, yes, but it was also the setup to a killer season four, if you ask me. I cannot wait to see what Coach Taylor does with the ragtag East Dillon Giraffes! As for a new season, FNL boss Peter Berg tells us he's very optimistic: "I always predict another season for Friday Night Lights, because they keep saying that we're going to be killed and we never are. So we continue. We continue to fight on."

Clear eyes, full hearts, you know the rest...

Jan 26, 2009

Time Travel Tuesdays

With all this concern over ratings and market share and networks, I thought it would be fun to spend our Tuesdays looking back over old roles Kyle has taken on and mastered. Feel free to send in your suggestions.

Although I prefer him as the good guy or at least the reluctant hero, I really enjoyed Lyon's Den.

Take a peek and let us know what you think:

Jan 25, 2009

Greetings from a West Texan

Howdy! I am Jessica and I am a proud moderator on the Kyle Chandler forum on this site. I am from Lubbock, Texas and I have been a fan of Kyle since I saw him on Pure Country. I am blessed to be able to have the opportunity to meet Kyle Chandler on the set of Friday Night Lights back in August of 2008.

I got cast to be a high school student extra and met him at one of the football game shoots. He was very friendly, it was almost like I was standing next to an old friend. He shook my hand and said "Hey there Jessie, nice to meet ya." The second night he saw me in the stands and nodded up at me and smiled. It was a surreal experience and I'd do it again in a heart beat. I'm thankful to get the chance to see my favorite actor do what he loves best -- act.

I also have developed the utmost respect for him. Last week I had planned to go to an FNL screening in San Antonio that Kyle was present at. However, my grandmother took ill and I was unable to go. A friend of mine told him the circumstances and he was gracious and kind enough to write me a small message along with his autograph. It's really special to me. The man is so down to earth and kind, something that is rare for most people, much less an actor.

Kyle is a man that is out living a dream. He is very humble and appreciative of every fan.

THANK YOU KYLE! "Jessie, Sorry your gram's ill. Tell her hello and hello to you as well. Kyle Chandler." Here is the message/autograph:

Jan 24, 2009

Hello from Texas...

Hi, I'm Loriann and I'm one of your Co-Admins. I live in San Antonio Texas. I have had the rare privilege of not just meeting Kyle Chandler, but also seeing him do what he does best in person, while filming Friday Night Lights. The first time I met him was with my kids while filming early in the second season. I found him to be gracious, down to earth and almost shy, as he took time to talk to my kids and myself.

I thought that would be it for meeting him, but over the next year, I've been blessed to run into the man on a sort of regular basis on the set. Most recently, I saw him at the FNL screening in San Antonio last week. I got a hug!!! It was so cool as a fan, to get a hug from my favorite actor. As a person, I was blessed to get a hug from someone who's pretty awesome.

It's been a way different experience, just as precious, but so different. I've gotten to see Kyle seamlessly morph into Coach taylor. I've gotten to talk to Kyle about silly inconsequential things such as GPS's, wrestling pigs how gorgeous the weather is. I've heard him joke around between scenes, make fun of his leading lady, drive off the set with the director chasing after him and even show us all his food after he's chewed it.

And you know what? He's really nice. No celebrity airs about him. He's just this really sweet normal, okay, maybe not quite normal(hello, no thanks, we don't want to see your food. LOL!) person who's living his dream. He loves his family. He brings his dog to the set and is just so happy and well adjusted that his attitude is contagious.

As big of a fan that I am of the actor, I admire the person so much more.

Soundly Trounced!

Since this morning's post a few people have contacted me to comment. You have taken the time to point out to me that:

- While Tami has the best interests of the students at heart, the Boosters gave money because they thought they were contributing to a jumbotron.

- While the bylaws apparantly state that Tami is allowed to make this decision alone, she still did not consult with anyone which was not a move of goodwill.

- This puts Eric in an extremely awkward position.

All true and valid points. Thanks for the input, Panther Fans!
That's what we like to see!

Jumbotron or a Edumacation? **SPOILERS**

Okay, so obviously the title expresses how I feel. Tam is right and the title of last night's epsiode is bang on.I loved the conflict with Eric and how he never came right out and said that a Jumbotron would suit him and benefit his endeavour; Panther Football.

AND, poor Riggins, I wanted to scoop him up in my arms last night. Looks like Lyla and her late night cheeseburger call took care of that for me.

What do you think? Visit our Forum and share your thoughts.

Quote of the night?

"I'll have the squab. And I think I'll get that rare, please."

Jan 23, 2009

Be There or Be Square


Friday Night Lights has achieved the amazing and difficult goal of winning over the hearts of critics everywhere. This is no easy feat, no small accomplishment. To get that kind of acclaim and be cancelled because of ratings would be an absolute tragedy.

Maybe we've all just become too complacent? Too spoiled? Or maybe we're too young? Are most of you old enough to remember the draught of 2001 when What About Joan ended and all we had of Kyle on TV for 2 years was ONE, yes ONE episode of One Life To Live?

Got some ironing to do? Unfold your board and park yourself in front of the tube. Do whatever it takes but PLEASE, tune in tonight and support this wonderful show.


Jan 22, 2009

A Work of Art

I think this ad is absolutely beautiful. It's whimsical and artistic. It's getting me excited for tomorrow night's episode. We'll work on ratings Friday, but for today let's just sit back and relish the splendor of this magic right here.

Jan 21, 2009

Who Are You?

The response from our survey is clear - the majority of you discovered Kyle on Homefront! Jeff Metcalfe, my favourite of Kyle's characters, was endearing and gorgeous. He also possessed a unique combination of vulnerability and strength - something not many actors can pull off with such conviction.

This stat came as a huge surprise to me since the fans who have spoken out or participated in our fandom have overwhelmingly been Early Edition fans. Why is that? Are Early Edition fans more computer literate? Do they have more free time to spend creating videos and writing fiction? Or are you Homefront viewers just too busy to chime in? Out making the world a better place, are ya?

Visit our Forum and weigh in with other Kyle Fans from around the world.

We'd love to hear what you've got to say.

Jan 17, 2009

The Reviews Are In!

Check our Press Links for the latest reviews of last night's premiere.
Also, log onto our Forum and let others know what you thought of the episode.

It's looking gooooood, people!

"Once again, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, who play Dillon’s married football coach and his principal wife, brilliantly anchor one of the best acting ensembles on television, And once again, the show gives us evidence that the small, true, deeply felt moments -- moments in which emotions speak louder than words -- are among the biggest things that ever happen to us."
Chicago Tribune

"Fans of the show, whether wired for satellite signals or not, will celebrate."
Times Picayune

"We can't force you to appreciate these small town characters and the appropriately underplayed performances, but we can strongly suggest it."

Jan 16, 2009

Kyle Encounter

What were you doing yesterday? I don't know about you but I made some soup and cleaned out my car. ZZzzzzzzzzzz
Some people had more exciting things to attend to! Our Co-Admin, AmazingGrace, had yet another Kyle Encounter yesterday. Check out Kyle, looking younger and more gorgeous than ever!! AH!
For a detailed account of what went down in San Antonio Town, visit our Forum and read what Loriann has to say about her amazing experiences meeting Kyle and working as a regular extra on the set of Friday Night Lights.

Jan 11, 2009

FNL Premiere - TONIGHT on NBC

What better time to go live with our new meeting place? Please be sure to spread the word. Let's keep our eye on the ball and help make this a great launch for our favourite show!

As for our new 'hood, some will say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." While this may be true for cars and relationships, our little slice of webheaven has become a living, breathing entity. In order to allow it to grow and flourish, I NEED YOUR HELP. Like all babies, it needs constant nourishment and attention.

Got a hot tip? Found a new photo? Come across an old article that we've never seen? PLEASE POST IT...

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxClear Eyes ~ Full Hearts ~ Can't Lose!