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Oct 8, 2018

Sunday Night Lights shine bright on Cowboys-Texans


Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. Kyle Chandler, who plays Coach Eric Taylor on Friday Night Lights, shares why football is just different in Texas.

Sep 19, 2018

Behind the Scenes Video with Kyle Chandler: Mr. Congeniality

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Kyle Chandler Talks About Working with George Clooney on 'Catch-22'

Kyle Chandler is on the cover of Modern Luxury‘s slate of magazines!

Kyle Chandler Talks About Working with George Clooney on 'Catch-22'

Here’s what the Catch-22 actor and Friday Night Lights fan favorite had to share with the mag…

On working with George Clooney on his new Hulu series, Catch-22: “I both like and respect Clooney’s directing style. Sardinia was a beautiful place to work. It was a great experience and the chance of a lifetime.”

On the internal challenges he faces when taking on new roles: “Some roles are downright intimidating. It is sort of aggravating because when a role is really intimidating, and it scares you a little bit, then it’s almost like, God damn it, now I’ve got to do it.”

On his lifelong passion for acting: “After 23 years of marriage and with two beautiful children, I have so many experiences to draw from – both of the mind and of the heart. I find that, as I get older, acting takes on a different meaning for me. It becomes far more personal and means more in different ways. I’m blessed to get to practice in magic.”

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